The life ends up being hard. Richard comes from work without zest. He came through the coffe, place where there are beautiful woman bartenders and it’s possible that they come out with the customers; even so, wouldn’t understand internal sorrow through Richard’s tensional life.

The truth is, he felt completely demotivated and wanted to love his wife, but being unfaithful represents an eu-escape because it conducted to his objective. Unfaithful makes Richard better in bed. His wife, Leyla –in a subtext- neither felt good. Now laboriously cleans them house, washes the dishes to complete her housework and phones, meanwhile Richard comes on at the interior, phones to her lover. Not for love but for betray, not for make troubles. Her lover is a brute, pronounced chin; unlike Richard who, likes climbing and the whisky, easy life and children, to be honest and accomplish all (and every) duties… the truth is that the lover would do bite the dust Richard at any circumstance. Ends up Richard to be transformed into a highly-sensible man. Unlike him; his wife was arrogant, speech-nervious but with a touch of histrionics, providing her a touch of sympathy and relationship-capable-establishment with every man or woman that she want. Almost ever she picks the phone and calls her friends for nothing (else to be boast about her triumphs), although her perfectionist and psicopatic personality just allowed to do sometimes this thing… because… she was in accepting her defeats too.

Everything of that she do compensate with a thunderous capability in her husband control, this left immersed in a sea of adrenaline (because the other is a man). Further that, it left immersed much much endorphins caudal. She had a sensual lipsticked in red lips place where came out words like “are you shedding your beer on my couch?”, “bring my magazines that are in the basement (or the minimal thing that she can occur)” or “feed up the cat! It ought be around there its its…, please do the favor to not to fuck me”.

She was a woman that only looks well with a yellow dress that it covers only up knees (because she was tall and the yellow as is known extends) and he, he was more to be small, he had a wider head, although with thin features; this thing was noted by the neighbors every time he comes to chat a while with every one of them. His empathy was only overcome by the thinness in his face, although never he would think to have a paused speak –not- his english was the common one of any American. In the end, as a result, a two-floor house, a basement, all located in the residential sector, virtually quiet and a daughter named Neil.

And when he comes in, he gives account, at the moment she hung the phone rapidly and perceives the man’s voice; Richard knows it‘s not very good. He sits down after he left the coat in the rack and pronounces unintelligible words. She, Leyla, doesn’t understand that he want to tell her was a little complain, and she ignores him with a gesture that with her big nose and her semi closed-eyes gives to understand that never will be interested in that. He continues with his business and drinks a whisky. At any cases Leyla complains the apathy of Richard… but he ignores her for today.

-You ever so responsible and absorbed in your business
-Don’t even mind- tells Richard with their eyes semi closed- there are more in the life than you think- meanwhile oscillates the hips at time he drank whisky from the glass.
-Not even think it!- and she went to sleep.

We sometimes even know where the life is going. Meanwhile, Richard goes to the garage y takes a tool and starts to hammer, silent way.

In the next day, Richard, who has his daughter housing in her friend’s home, in the middle of a pajama party comes back to his home and feels everything is so quiet. His wife doesn’t appear anywhere, till he listen some voices. The voices combine with the turn on of the light-switch that allows he sees his wife and her lover in the act, both nude. She is Betraying so our protagonist just in the couch. Both see him, this time without astonishment, meanwhile he approaches them he tells them:

-What is that!-(tells Richard as he approaches the couple)

But she gets loud shouting and another one (the lover), dressed with a pair of jeans approaches rapidly and hit him to ground.

This situation, that was an error of the betrayal pair, translates on the time as a black-going (Richard is knocked out and remains unconscious for too much time) and both can’t burial him or something else (I mean, can but shall not) was definitively an error. ¿But why? Because Richard, regaining consciousness, seeing himself at hospital, almost completely blood clean, and not accompanied by anyone, looks to the front and sees his doctor:

-You were beat by his wife’s lover, they left here but you haven’t had any visitors- tells coldly although mocking the doctor.
-I see- express Richard wagging the headband he has in his face- that bitch life!
-Yes, that bitch life, this is the voucher- tells him the doctor.
-It’s a joke- the doctor checks between his documents, taking away the one he had delivered.

The error made by his wife and the lover could impulse Richard to sue for damages.

In fact he sued. In fact for bad behavior they questioned the Leyla’s custody of Neil, and as a resource of appeal of precaution she left in the man’s hands. He rests in the chair in his home during 2 years and a half, and sometimes comes out to water the grass. His child meanwhile rests and does the homeworks, she is little, has only 6. At this age she feels lonely versus the world. A day, he was watering as I said before, meanwhile nightfall all goes good and mild; his child had almost finished her homework, only remains a detail, till Leyla comes in, and (without any notification) hits him in the middle of the neighborhood, furious and pitiless, till the man left in the grass and looking to the sky, meanwhile she, from up watches him and threatens him with fists.

-You stupid bastard! I’ll give you a lesson you will never forget- raged Leyla always above him as he pounded- ¡you betrayed me with women of that bar!

But Richard knew that must not to absorb the strike and not become absorbed. He threw water her with the hose, but nothing happens (except she got her dress wet) and with a little of slyness he stopped the fist and he sent her “to the ground”. He remembered containing a — adrenaline, that if he sends to one of multiples drifters in the periphery, he could damage her enough as he could enter in the house, when both were in the grass fighting. But she was continuing tying to hit him. He can’t use too much force, till he makes her to run into the drifters. Then goes for the rack in the house and knocked down her. Filled of blood, he called an ambulance.

It wasn’t isolated, it repeated constantly, sometimes the security joins in, another time he had to fix it alone. Leyla luckily didn’t come with any weapon…

Over time Richard decides to divorce, because the repeated calls plus all the past conflicts were enough for to keep the marriage. In court, she called him “son of the bitch”, as she out, this gave absolutely the same; she was a hysterical skinny. He not only gave him a divorce, but she was jailed for repeated abuse and attempts to seize of his daughter whenever she had bad behavior.

And fiercely, Richard felt himself safe at all. Finally felt him relieved. A day, the daughter was in a situation party late with her friends, and she was 10 years old, the parties were innocents as far as he had time to come back home to rest. Richard was having good time with the girls at the party, they were very tender (although less sensual, many of them seems submissive, and that he didn’t like, his type was fully determinate women) and it opened the way to in his life he feels an existential void, because always the same thing happens in every Neil’s party. He took the keys and he went to his car without saying goodbye, notifies only the last woman, a wavy hair woman (more of middle class than upper class to which he belongs) that he will gone to rest and will go back. She, started to offer something like… her help:

-Goodbye, Mónica. I will miss you till the next meeting. Ja ja ja.
-Don’t tell me! If you have some problem, although I know you will not because your good mood, tell me and I will be here to lend you my help- and touching him on the shoulder portion she told him… – I know that you had problems with your ex, but I know that over time can solve them- holding out a mysterious card.
-OK, don’t worry- but he tried to return the card; she left it in the shirt’s pocket.

The card said Rukame – vibration based therapy. The ride home was very little bumpy and existentialist. He was alone now, no one to bark when he got home. He had taken a few shots of the daughter’s party and was not feeling well. The lights on the city will be projected above annoyingly and red as if they were a perpetual spotlight. And he was almost leaning on the steering wheel with an air of nostalgia that reminded some travel seventies movies on the road. He not stopped thinking while traveling back.

Almost upon arrival turn on the radio. Three criminals escaped from prison. One of them is a woman; the three are forbidden to approach to the victims … then come other climate news, a stormy night is coming. High traffic is also expected in the morning to the center of the city. Richard enters his home, leave his coat on the rack, tea is prepared and lies down on the couch. He hears a noise. It seems to be inside the house. He turns and is a leak that fell on a piece of tin (who forgot to take from there, a daughter’s game) who rang, and continued his rest and boredom. The sound of lightning in the distance was awakened, and began to smell strange in the air … it seemed a familiar perfume. Yes, with meditation it could account it was the same perfume that wore his ex-wife, then removed his coat, taking the coat rack (with crown upward always) and moves in the direction where he hear the noise. Another lightning strikes. Dogs start barking in the distance. Tour, walking in the opposite direction and back again, this time in the kitchen door and makes a blow air with the rack (now he was sure that one of the criminals who had escaped from prison she was). Being that it generates any odd smell and sound to sound, he tried to control himself and think it was a coincidence or a déjà vu. He dropped the rack, walked into the living room when she attacked him with a kitchen knife. “Argh!” He shouted, as he stuck it in his hand who had arrived and hid in the house. He began to beat him up, but he fiercely, he swats although it has stuck the knife in his hand. Her, Leyla, was came to make life impossible. He thought at that moment tying, but take a long, best left knockout, but he was not a specialist in hooks; kitchen knife was his best but the most desperate solution. Yet she get out by the window throwing this before the stabbing -with can deftly keeping his arms folded and falling to the garden well. Escapes.

Our protagonist meditates in that moment. And looks the card that while ago she left in his pocket. Lower than said “Rukame” expressed shortly: “You can change your problems from the human factor” vibrations based. At the next day he went further. Monica was with a messianic long dress. She prepared a candle around and told him:
-With this ritual, you can overcome your problems with your wife…
-Ex wife-Richard briefly corrected- I have fear, really Is there any way to dissuade her attack me again?
-That will tell the therapy-Monica said- look, it is a ritual that comes from the cultures at the end of the world…

She explained very well about Rukame. It came from South America, did not know exactly where, but it was effective against unspecified threats. They set out the ritual and, immediately, Richard felt good to leave the office.

But still, Richard cannot dominate himself and still believes that will make a second coming of Leyla. Trusts that the authorities caught on time, but the time frame is much longer. It makes a blizzard that no one can bear. It is Richard with his daughter this time in the house when it gets to smell the perfume, the perfume that always lead even while the women is in prison. No longer he had the rack to hurt her, because it was on the second floor, now, would have to keep her daughter, who was sleeping. But it could well be a hallucination, after five years of marriage to Doña Sympathetic. When he went downstairs he found no one, when he passed through the living room and compartments there, he not found anyone. But after drinking a whiskey, he recalled Rukame ritual, the deity of the strong assaulted or on coarser language; the “tortilla rounds.” That was when, trusting his instincts for once that, he went to the bottom of all where they could have come from the noise, the garage. Once there, he saw nothing and got in the car to rest after the tremendous shock. He felt a little blinking after a stick coming towards him by wipers that broke the glass. But he would have to master, recalled the ritual, especially there must be confidence in you so I immediately melted into adrenaline. He left there with nervousness, the other door, the car, but he received two blows bar. Just he saw two colors, red and silver. The red is the dress that surely stoled and silver from the bar, decided to take it and throw it away. He hit her once. Other. And another. But it was not enough. She was almost like drugged with <<something>> that gave him power. He remembered his daughter, at that time, he realized he should go over the car and head for it, to defend her. Said and done “he flies towards” there. She catches him by the foot and falls on his face. Frightened, he escapes and manages to stand up and take the piece that was built with the hammer. He takes it to the living room, and she follows him … do not see it now, and her daughter looks over the top of the ladder. He is upset, none of his fists could have scared enough to not come, and the shock of it was big enough for not going to attack him. With the piece in hand, which was not finished, and dangerous spikes, metal, remember the most important Rukame and goes and decides, for once attack. But she is not in the garage, is strange, comes the daughter and asks, “what happens, Dad?” breathe, breathe again, and hugs her. They feel safe; quiet this time, feel that finally it was gone, and when they are already preparing to return and father to explain the situation to the daughter feels an elusive given hammer in the column. The daughter flees and flees and she is about to run out and take it but he heroically taking the foot and Leyla falls. At that time he stands up and spitting on the ground, finished her with the piece in his hand.

She’s dead. Call the police, but, through tears and adrenaline caused by this hustle, he remembers most important Rukame: Rukame help anywhere you are, Rukame is the inner strength that helps us solve all problems. The next day he would thank Mónica, her therapy would be effective, or rather ritual.


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